Hot Water Dispenser

Infusion Series® BrewWISE® DBC® Dual Dilution Iced Tea Brewer


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  • Includes Quickbrew (Q) funnel tip for easy conversion
  • Includes two button graphic overlay for customizing the user interface
  • Color coded decals help the operator properly align the brew basket, dispenser and choose the correct selection
  • Includes rotating brew basket, base platform adapter, dedicated dilution nozzles and brew selection switch
  • Large tank provides back-to-back brewing capacity and allows 3 or 5gal (11.4 to 18.9L) tea batches
  • Specifically designed to accommodate and brew into two BUNN 3.5gal Narrow Tea Dispensers (can also brew directly into standard tea dispensers)
  • SplashGard® funnel deflects hot liquids away from the hand
  • Each brew button’s sweetener may be independently set and easily adjusted using the Sweet Meter
  • "Out of Sweetener" indicator - LCD blinks to aid operator
  • Separate inlet for sweetener - use existing CO2 systems or external 3rd party pump for sweetener delivery
  • Dilution nozzles labeled "Sweet" and "Unsweet”
  • Left side preset with sweetener valve

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