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A commercial coffee machine created with looking towards the future. Union between audacious style and exclusive execution. With inimitable body composed of 76 tabs in stainless steel, laser cut, polished and welded manually one by one. Aletta coffee machine is a compendium of new and historical patents among which the processing system of the water and the milk frother automatic.

A beauty that excited.



  • Exclusive Brewing Temperature and Pressure Electronic Control:
    • Electronic control of the boiler water temperature.
    • Precise adjustment of the brewing temperature (+ / - 0.25 C).
    • Electronic water supply and brewing pressure measurement.
  • Brewing Suitability Control:
    • In accordance to Italian espresso standards, with alert warnings in the event of faults.
  • Informative Functions Display:
    • Language selection.
    • Total number of coffee supplied by single key.
    • Total water consumption (liters).
    • Recording of the meaningful functioning data.
    • Total operating time.
    • Date and kind of service carried out.
    • Type and number of the alarms reported.
  • Intelligent & Easy Maintenance:
    • Scheduled maintenance management system.
    • Automatic faults prevention and faults prevention system.
    • Water pump easily accessible from the machine front.
    • Pull-out coffee keyboard control panel.
    • Interchangeability of every single coffee key.
  • Reduced Consumption:
    • Programmable night cycle: reduces energy consumption.
  • Ergonomic & Easy To Use:
    • Soft Touch coffee keyboard control panel.
    • Adjustable working areas.
    • Raised cup tray.
    • Large water-steam wands.
    • Very large cup tray.
    • Constrained drain tray.

Optional Features:

  • CHS (Cup Heating System): 
  • MFS (Milk Frothing System):
    • Automatic hot milk setting.
    • Automatic milk frothing setting.
    • Custom-made milk temperature setting.
    • Custom-made milk foam quantity.
    • Automatic cleaning system management.
  • WTS (Water Treatment System):
    • Innovative water treatment system, patented by Elektra, which improves the quality of espresso coffee and controls its taste.
    • Automatically manages the magnesium and calcium (limestone) elimination and the purifier resins regeneration without stopping the coffee supply.
    • In addition, there is an integrated a silver active ions cartridge that removes the chlorine from the water, giving a perfect taste to the coffee.

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