Convotherm | PRESS&GO

PRESS&GO | You need to be faster - but still want perfect results? Convotherms answer: Just "Press&Go" ! ???? The "new normal" means, the world is gonna be even faster. Efficiency and speed will be more important...

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Ghost Kitchen & Covid-19

Ghost Kitchens adalah Central Kitchen yang "tidak terlihat", aktif dalam persiapan makanan, khusus untuk pengiriman yang ditandai oleh manajemen yang mengoptimalkan keamanan makanan, waktu, sumber daya, dan pembelian.

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Tips work From Home

President Joko Widodo urged people to study and work from home, popularly known as work from home (WFH), during the corona virus pandemic that causes COVID-19 disease. Several companies have implemented WFH policies, as seen from the shift in internet data traffic to residential areas during working hours.

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