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The philosophy of this RB boiler was to manufacture the "besr" horizontal reverse flame, three pass, wet-back steam & hot water boiler in the boiler industry. The two designers with over seventy years of combined experience in designing and manufacturing set out to incorporate proven engineering principle with modern design and construction methods.


The RB bears comparison with all other similar boiler, wherever in the world they are made. There has been no compromise in the brief to make a highly efficient, safe, reliable, long lasting and easily maintainable boiler in the Fulton tradition.


Design Features


   Designed and constructed to BS 2790 or ASME code, with standard   maximum   operating pressure of 1.0 Mpa.

   Equipped with Nu-Way (Special for RB series with Fulton brand) oil, gas or dual fuel automatic highnow burner, modulating burner is optional according to customer requirement.

   Compact design, smaller than boiler of equal capacity

   100%NDT (Non-Destructive Test) on all major pressure vessel welds

   Deviated front door, easy aocess and inspection of welds

   3 year warranty on pressure vessel backed by Fulton world­ wide service and spares system


Operating Principle and Structural Features

Fulton RB boiler is a wet-back horizontal boiler. Fuel is injected from the burner into the combus­ tion chamber and is ignited and burned. Long and narrow flame transfers heat to combustion chamber walls by radiation. The high temperature flue gas reverses back after reaching furnace end plate. Heat from the flue gas is passed to boiler water through convection and conduction. Then the flue gas flows into fire tubes through front chamber, transferring residual heat to boiler water. Finally the cooled low temperature flue gas vents into stack via rear chamber.


Large Furnace Volume, Large Furnace Surface Area, Better Combustion, Higher Efficiency

With large furnace volume and furnace heating surface, RB boiler has low heat flux. The large furnace and large furnace surface area reduce furnace exit temperature via enhanced radiation and convection.


Large Number of Fire Tubes and Large Tube Total Cross-Sectional Area

With large tube total cross­ sectional area, the resistance to gas flow is reduced, so the burner can be equipped with smaller motor to reduce power consumption.

Large Water Content, Low Sensitivity to Load Change

Large water content and steam chamber ensures low sensitivity to load change, and stabil ity of steam pressure & steam quality.

Low NOx Emission

Fulton RB boiler adopts large furnace volume and large furnace surface area that enhance heat transfer, reduce heat flux and limit NOx to alow level, which comply with the latest European and North American's environmertal requirement.


Water Level Probe Integrated with Pressure Vessel

Water level probe directly immerses into pressure vesse l avoids false water level, increases operating security.


Application and System Design

The RB range is suitable to meet the process steam demands throughou t industry. The Fulton Technical Sales Support team can provide system and application advice for the RB and the full range of Fulton boilers and ancillary equipment.

Ancillary equipment and optional features :


   Condensate Return Systems

   Slowdown Separators

   Flue systems

   Water treatment and Chemical feed system

   Specialized Controls

   / High integrity self monitoring water levellimiters

   / Automatic TDS blowdown system

   / Automatic main blowdown valve

   PLC control system

   Ladder and platform to meet Heath & Safety standards

   Spare parts kit for 2&5 years


Site and system requirements

The boiler must be positioned on a load bearing level floor in a well ventilated and drylocation. Access must be available around and above the boiler for service and maintenance purposes.

Product Spec


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