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FIREX Cucimax CBT130A V1


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Equipment for professional kitchens

It's an indispensable piece of equipment for the food industry and for the most advanced centralised kitchens: the high versatility of its use allows one to optimize the production processes and human resources, reducing consumption and saving money. With the innovative CUCIMAX bratt pan with mixer you can now cook under pressure and mix at the same time.

The best in tilting braising pans

This multifunctional cooker is complete, innovative and sturdy, ideal for countless applications, from sauces to jams and marmalades, from meat to steamed vegetables. Among the equipment for professional kitchens, Cucimax is really one of the most versatile and evolved, since it allows different types of preset cooking: steaming, boiling, pressure cooking, braising and browning.

Product Spec





H1: 1940mm


Mixer Speed: 6 ÷ 18 RPM

Mixer torque: 191 nm

Cooking pressure: 0,4 bar

Overall Capacity: 130/154 Lt

Pan Dim: ø 700x420 mm

Electric Power rating: 13,5 Kw

Electric Connection: 400/50 3N+PE AC

Gas power rating: 22 Kw

Gas electric connection: 250/50 AC - 1N + PE


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