Taylor 736

Introducing our newest addition to the Taylor® frozen dessert product line—the Model 736 compact countertop heat treatment soft serve freezer. Combining a proven heat treatment system with a smaller footprint, the Model 736 is ideal for operations that are high on demand and low on space.


Smaller Footprint
At just 400mm (<16 inches) wide, the Model 736 may be small, but it is mighty, with high volume throughput. A streamlined,
compact design and side condenser make it ideal for back counter installation anywhere space is limited.
Heat Treatment System
The Model 736 features a daily heating and cooling cycle to help you save on labor costs and reduce product waste. How?
It safely maintains dairy products up to two weeks before a complete disassembly and cleaning is required.
Gear Pump
Get the perfect ratio of mix to air every time for improved texture and product consistency, with the gear pump technology used in the Model 736. It features an easily adjustable manual overrun feature, and with less parts, it’s easy to assemble and disassemble.


• Smaller footprint optimizes valuable space
• Effective heat treatment provides consistent
taste and structure
• Gear pump technology easily controls overrun to your given needs
• Heat treatment system provides labor savings
• Recovers quickly for high volume throughput
• Versatility to create a variety of new products

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Width: 400mm

Depth: 773mm

Height: 908mm

Mounted on standard feet h.4 "(100mm)

Weight Net: 124kg

Weight Crated: 154kg

Beater Motor: One, 2 HP (1500W)

Freezing Cylinder: One, 2.1 quart (2 litre)

Mix Hopper: One, 8.5 quart (8 litre)

Power: 2,6kW

Electrical: 380-415/50/3 5.5A