Muffin Toaster | MT

Create an irresistible breakfast sandwich by serving it on a perfectly toasted English muffin. With the MT-12 Muffin Toaster, operations can toast up to 12 muffin halves in only 90 seconds, making it easy to keep up with the growing demands of the breakfast daypart. The MT-12 toasts up to 12 halves (six complete English muffins) at one time. A temperature sensing control measures internal temperatures in the toasting chamber and adjusts the time accordingly. This produces perfectly toasted English muffins with the consistency you need to satisfy customers. This unit also features an energy conservation mode that reduces power when the toasting chamber is empty. A partial load switch also allows operations to easily toast less than a full batch of English muffins


  • Toasts 324 English muffins per hour; up to six English muffins (12 halves) at one time.
  • Temperature sensing control measures internal temperature of the toasting chamber and adjusts time accordingly to produce perfectly toasted English muffins.
  • Partial load switch for toasting three or less muffins.
  • Energy conservation mode automatically reduces power consumption by 75% when toasting chamber is empty.
  • Stainless steel and aluminum construction.
  • Toaster alerts operator with an audible signal and aready light when muffins are done.
  • Removable crumb tray for easy cleaning.
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