Hot Dog Corral | HDC

Turn hot dogs from an afterthought to a must have by keeping them hot, fresh, and flavorful with the Hot Dog Corral by Antunes. The Hot Dog Corral sears in the natural flavor of the hot dogs by basting them in their own juices as they move along the heated grill surface. The adjustable thermostat allows operations to easily maintain the grill temperature in order to keep hot dogs tasting fresh and delicious for up to six hours. With only one moving part, the Hot Dog Corral is easy to operate, clean, and service, making it a great addition to operations of any size. The small, compact size of the Hot Dog Corral makes it a great merchandiser for the front counter, where it can generate interest and boost impulse sales.

Accommodates most sizes of hot dogs.
Slanted grill surface for increased visibility.
Precision thermostat for maintaining grill temperature.
Easy to operate, clean, and service.
Optional food shields available.
Models available with a variety of capacities.

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