Betterpan is a multipurpose cooking appliance designed forcarrying out the main cooking methods: boiling, browning, frying and pressure cooking. By means of the electronicdevice it is possible toset different cookingprograms: from omelettesto fish fillets, from steamed vegetables to meat sauces.Thanks to its versatility and its compact dimensions, Betterpan can be installed even in very limited spaces. It is an irreplaceable element that can be used as catering equipment and in central kitchens, in public and private canteens, in small and medium-sized food industries and laboratories.

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Length: 1725mm

Width: 1125mm

Height: 1030mm

Pressure: 0,35 bar

Pan dim: 1060x650x250 mm ( LxWxH )

Dim. : 4 GN

Pan area : 69 dm2

Overall capacity : 145 /  173 Lt

Electric connection: 400/50 3N+PE AC

Electric power rating: 20 Kw

Gas power rating: 35 Kw

Gas electric power rating: 230/50 0,2 1N+PE AC