FIREX Cucimax CBT310 V1

Cucimax is a fundamental piece of equipment for the most efficient production centres. It is highly flexible in use guaranteeing the optimization of production processes and of human resources and is, therefore, both energy and cost-saving. A unique new range of
products has been created in order to offer further advantages: Cucimax for pressure cooking. Now you can pressure cook and mix at the same time: this new system combines autoclave cooking benefits with those of a presettable automatic mixing function. Cucimax is a complete, sturdy and multifunctional device: from sauces to jams, from meat dishes to steamed vegetables, and much more!

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H1: 2240mm


Mixer Speed: 4 ÷ 10 RPM

Mixer torque: 353 nm

Overall Capacity: 310/353 Lt

Pan Dim: ø 1000x450 mm

Electric Power rating: 29 Kw

Electric Connection: 400/50 3N+PE AC

Gas power rating: 49 Kw

Gas electric connection: 250/50 AC - 1N + PE