Egg Station with Dual Zone

Easily serve freshly cooked breakfast items to customers throughout the day with the Egg Station with Dual Zone. The new ESDZ-1200 features two independent cooking zones that allow operations to easily and quickly prepare eggs in order to take advantage of the success of the All Day Breakfast program. The ESDZ-1200 has a heated, machined grill surface to cook the eggs while the non-stick rings give the product its shape. Steam is created under the pivoting cover that is lowered over the rings. As water is poured into the troughs on the cover, it drips down onto the platen, which produces steam to keep the eggs moist as they cook. The new design separates the grill surface into two areas for cooking smaller batches of eggs independent of one another. Whether it's four eggs, two eggs, or even an individual order, the new ESDZ-1200 cooks great-tasting breakfast products throughout the day.


  • Split cover with rear and front areas allow operations to
    cook small batches of eggs
  • Independent heating element with temperature control
    for the front and rear areas.
  • Provides operations with flexibility to fill any volume
    of breakfast orders throughout the day.
  • Timer features two channels that each include four
    pre-programmed cook times to handle a variety of
    different products.
  • Small footprint to easily fit into any operation.
  • Quickly cook up to 12 eggs for breakfast items without
    taking up valuable grill space.
  • Machined grill surface for ease of cleaning.
  • Supplied with non-stick egg rings.
  • Four adjustable legs for an even grill surface.
  • Audio/visual signal for operation.
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