Egg Station | ES

With the MES-604 Manual Egg Station, any operation
can easily serve fresh, made-to-order eggs for its breakfast
menu. Using a combination of heat from the grill
surface and steam, the unit cooks perfectly moist eggs in
only a matter of minutes. No hassle, no guesswork.
The heated, nickel-plated grill surface of the MES-604
cooks the eggs while the non-stick four-inch rings give
the product its shape. Steam is created under the pivoting
cover that is lowered over the rings. As water is poured
into the trough on the cover, it drips down onto the platen,
which produces steam to keep the eggs moist as they
Cooking time is approximately 120 seconds for room
temperature eggs and 150 seconds for refrigerated eggs.


  •  Universal Top Cover and Egg Rack can open from leftor right side of unit.
  • Small footprint to easily fit in any operation.
  •  Quickly cook eggs for breakfast items without taking up valuable grill space.
  • Nickel-plated machined grill surface.
  •  Cooks a maximum of six four-inch round eggs at onetime.
  •  Supplied with non-stick egg rings.
  •  Compact and easy to clean.
  • Single water fill reservoir.
  •  Four adjustable legs for an even grill surface.
  •  Audio/visual signal for operation.
  •  Perfect during changeover.
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