Top: 18-10 stainless steel (12/10 mm gauge)
Free-standing structure with top, front panels, sides and
control consoles in 18-10 stainless steel; back panels in
stainless steel.
Top, sides, back, front panels and control consoles with satin
scotchbrite finish.
Side-by-side top configurations with secure fixing between
IPX5 protection rating on all units.
CE approval of all gas products.


· Top equipped with four open burners.
· Open burners with double-crown burner cap, high output and optimum heat distribution, thanks to the special angle of
incidence of the flame: 2 burners rated at kW 6 Ø 110 mm.
· Optimal versatility with power reduction by minimum 6 kw up to 1,8 kw.
· Pressed burner surround in satin finished 18-10 stainless steel, integrated into the top, depth mm 74.5, with rounded corners, for
efficient spill collection and easy cleaning.
· Distance between pan bottom on grid and base of burner surround 116 mm.
· Top burners and burner caps removable by hand for cleaning, protection over pilot light and thermocouple. Special Venturi tube
inclined in order to avoid injector plugging.
· Height of grid over top optimised for adequate air supply to burners even with large pans and top fully occupied with burners at
full output.
· Front/rear burner control signs moulded into control panel itself for inalterable, easy-to-read indications.
· Heat-resistant knobs with screen printed markings and reference index printed on control console.
· Predisposed for connection to other Gamma series elements.
· Open burners can be equipped with: fire-proof reduction disc allowing indirect cooking; ribbed or smooth radiant plates.


· Gas burners safety valve-controlled with thermocouple and pilot light. Pilot light housed in open burner and protected against
accidental quenching by liquid spill. Top burners and burner caps constructed in RAAF enamelled cast iron. Pan grids 345x586
mm each (one grid each two open burners), constructed in RAAF enamelled black cast iron.
· Access to all parts through control panel, easily removable.

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Width Cm 70 Gas Power kW 24 - kcal/h 20.640 - BTU 81,888
Depth Cm 70
Height Cm 24
Net weight Kg 43 Standard connection V-Hz .